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Utilise the knowledge and skills of professionals

Why experiment when you could be sure? Why reinvent the wheel? Your business could benefit by using the experience of professionals who have ‘been there, done that’ before.

Whether the issue relates to areas like finance, working capital, inventory, supply chain, sales, production or new product development, it is very expensive for a firm to fail. Consultants with knowledge of best practices across industries are a very valuable resource in reducing risk of failure and getting the job done right the first time.

Our core team has over 100 man-years of experience in a variety of circumstances. Plus, we work with a team of partners, each one of whom is a recognized professional. Our success stories range from industries such as pharmaceuticals, paints, auto components, financial services, automation, packaged food.

Consultancy Assignments - Select Test Cases

These are designed to elaborate on the problem identification, conceptualization and trouble shooting skills that DMS possesses and not to highlight management or administration lacunae of Clients.

  • Citi Bank, Mumbai
  • Aakar Paints, Ahmedabad
  • Precision Infomatic Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
  • Perfint Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
  • Hospira, Chennai
  • Integrted Kinetic Finance Ltd., Chennai
  • Computer Skills Ltd., Ahmedabad
  • India Nippon Electrical Ltd., Hosur

A venture capitalist was evaluating buying off the NPAs of Citibank's operations in credit cards, car loans and housing loans for which he wanted a due diligence study undertaken.

We recommended against purchase of the NPAs on a one-time basis. Instead, it was more profitable to purchase NPAs on a periodic basis as well as serve as Citibank's collection agent. This was because recovery at each loan division of Citibank required a separate set of skills and systems. Because Citibank's internal systems such as aging analysis, segmentation by value, analysis of bounced cheques and default history was far from satisfactory, we recommended for this venture, recreation of suitable MIS.

Manufacturer of paints, varnishes and lacquers for various applications including automobiles, furniture, buildings and industrial components. Despite building up a well-known brand ` SUNRISE ', the company was making marginal profits. The management wanted a recommendation whether to close down the business or continue with the problem resolved.

DMS' analysis of the costing revealed that Aakar Paints employed the method of product costing where overheads were taken as a percentage of material cost across all products. Due to this, product pricing was found to be skewed – either significantly lower or higher than competition. DMS reworked the pricing of each product apportioning overheads based on manufacturing time involved. Products that management felt could not compete at these reworked prices were recommended to be dropped from the product range and resources focussed on the remaining and new products. Aakar Paints was able to see immediate increase in profitability and has extended its operations aggressively to Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

A private limited company engaged in sale of computer hardware and system hardware consultancy/managed services/outsourcing.

The management was worried about the poor profitability due to intense competition, and possibility of loss of market share. They required professional assistance to prepare a Business Plan after a study of reasons for failing profitability. An analysis of factors resulting in falling profitability was done. Focal points were product-mix, costing, sub-optimal utilization of resources and pricing. The detailed Policy recommendations were accepted by the Management.

A private limited company with considerable PE funds invested into it, engaged in innovative oncological diagnostic equipment manufacture, being in the nature of a start up. Markets are both domestic and international. No competitor for like product exists.

Role of CFO had to be managed. The Finance department needed to clear backlog, generate MIS, and coordinate with operating departments. Successive CFOs had left and over time the output of the department had started causing concern. DMS was commissioned as CFO. DMS brought all arrears up to date within 4 months, generated timely MIS, gave insights into Costing and Cash flow management, enabled forecasts for strategic decision making and helped to plan an optimal global corporate structure.

An MNC engaged in manufacture of pharma injectables, had taken over the injectable business of Orchid Chemicals Ltd. The migration of accounts after the takeover needed to be handled.

Managing the finance department on outsourced basis, preparing JDs for the accounts personnel, Clearing the statutory arrears, taking care of month close activities, consolidation with US parent in SAP, preparing monthly MIS using Hyperion and handling statutory audit both under US GAAP and Indian GAAP.

A public limited NBFC, included promoters from Kinetic, the Firodias, Pune. IKFL was in the business of financing the purchase of two-wheelers that were manufactured by the Kinetic Group. Operations spanned the four southern states.

The Company’s systems were not geared to handle spurt in disbursements subsequent to a successful public issue. Both credit appraisal and recovery departments could not cope. Three CEOs resigned over a period of 18 months. DMS was commissioned as Outsourced CEO.

The company's operations stabilised over the period of 12 months with defaulting cases coming under control. Credit evaluation and control, PDCs reconciliation, streamlining legal cases, and improvement in the software for cheque bounced cases were focused on.

At this stage, the Kinetic Group, which was interested in buying over NBFC, took over the management by buying out the other promoters. DMS handled the transition phase as caretakers to the Kinetic Group.

A public limited company printing computer stationery, MICR cheque leaves, share certificates and other high value items. Its clients include ICICI, Citibank, American Express and LIC. Rated among the best in the industry.

The management was worried about the poor profitability and falling capacity utilization despite the excellent brand image. DMS was engaged to revamp the financial systems and improve the profitability. Over a period of 18 months, DMS recommended and implemented the following solutions.

Scientific matching of jobs to machines taking into account the various parameters involved. Centralized job pricing to achieve a minimum return on each job, failing which the order was not undertaken. Reduction of working capital required by reorganizing the purchase system and improving financial discipline.

INEL, a market leader, is a joint venture between the TVS Group and Kokusani Denki of Japan , a leading automobile components manufacturer. INEL manufactures electrical components for two and three wheelers such as TVS Suzuki, Kinetic Engineering, Hero Honda and Shriram Honda.

There was a significant difference between the figures of actual material consumption and those shown in the MIS reports. Second, there were doubts about the authencity of the debtors' outstandings. The increase in the payments outstanding was disproportionate with rise in turnover.

A substantial portion of materials were being imported. Price fluctuations due to exchange rates were high on consignments and valuation of Inventory was not consistent. DMS developed a fresh documentation system for material issues and accounting so that the problem was eliminated.

Customers' ledger extract taken from the Marketing Department was different from that of the Accounting Department. Master software was the same but Marketing made changes in the information. Since reconciliation was done annually, at the time of statutory audit, the variance in figures between these departments became very large. DMS developed a fresh documentation system to overcome these drawbacks. Activities like memo acknowledgements, collection forecasts, inter-department meetings and incentives for good practices were put into place. Problems arising out of the master software were addressed.

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Smart businesses focus on what really matters. Product development at Apple. Production at Toyota. Brand building at Coke. Customer service at Caterpillar.

Sure, someone has to do the other stuff: managing cash flows, driving a TQM program, monitoring project implementation, training personnel, continually enhancing productivity… But should the firm divert their attention by opening so many fronts? Historical data suggest otherwise.

Discover the power of contracting out a function like finance to specialists. Or a specific role such as CFO or Project Manager. Seems logical.

You win. The job gets done, silently and efficiently. It costs you less than doing the work yourself. Distractions are off your table and mind.

We have the experience and expertise to help you in finance, sales & marketing, manufacturing, production, projects, and training. Giving you the best of both worlds.

Invest in the performance of your people.

Almost certainly, the most significant of your cost heads relates to your people. If this is true, there can be no better investment you can make than in enhancing the performance of your people.

We train for many of the most successful companies in India. And teach at many of the top-ranked business schools in the country and abroad. Our panel of trainers are well-recognised in industry.

We train in the following areas, customizing content for our clients’ specific application:

  • Finance
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Production and Manufacturing
  • Quality
  • Project
  • Human Resources
  • Implementing the balanced scorecard
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